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Friday, July 14

Last night I went to accompany my girl at Marine Parade since she is alone until knock off. Well, we went home separately so that both of us can get home almost the same time. But the whole journey took up quite long as both buses of 36 and 190 came quite late and furthermore, I had to stand all the way in 190 as its a single deck bus. It was so squeezy that there are literally no much room to stand properly. I held my hand up to grab the metal pole above me so that I have more balance, rather then I held onto the chair which I might lose balance.

Well, the girls had to be pre cautious thou because when a guy head turn down, you are able to see the gal's canal which is unintentionally! LOL. So, of course I tried to keep my eyes away thou but at times I need to rest my head with my eyes close but the girl might think you are looking at her! You can sense it by their action and body language thou. Haha... It's not as if there's really SO interesting to see!

Anyway, after getting off from the bus, I cross the overhead bridge and when I was able to start walking toward the end, I heard a loud bang and I quickly look left and right! I saw a bike crashed onto the bus back and luckily the biker was able to stand up and nearby him, there's a lady walking on the pavement went to help him. The most irritating part was that I am thinking for 2min that should I go down and help! Moreover, though there are ppl crossing the road saw the accident but never went to help! They were about 30-50m away but yet NO ONE HELP!.

I chose not to think so much and quickly pace my steps to the accident area. Luckily the bike had no much of injury but a minor scratch on his palm and according to him, he said the bus suddenly stop thus cause the bike to ram onto it. Furious was the bus even drove off! The crash was loud but yet?!!! I forgotten to take down the bus plate number but all I can remember was bus no. 975 TIBS trying to turn right heading Teck Whye Ave.

I am relieved that the biker was perfectly ok and he is able to start his bike and rode off. Of course I told him to be careful but sadly that I didnt told him to see a doc to play safe.

One thing I noticed, ppl around never went to help even when they are just a little far. And NO ONE in the car came out and help the POOR UNCLE and cars behind even honked at it! Sighz... This is the world Im seeing? This is literally a letdown! What if its a major accident???? All just looking and never help? How can! What if its one of your pals, relative got into the accident? Sit/ stand to watch?!! DAMN IT!


What a day to start with as it's raining cats and dogs when I arrived my destination. It was only dizzling then but turn out to be heavier every sec!

When I got off from the bus with my umbrella opened, I am wondering why the girls at the bus stop never attempt to go off? Until when I walked in less then a metre, my pants caught with rain! With the strong gust of wind, I almost can't hold my umbrella and I can't even see infront of me and without any hesistation or waiting, I dashed across the road to my office building. Man.. what a day to start with my pants totally wet infront. Haha.. With such strong wind, the pouring rain was about 45 degree shooting down! It's almost impossible to cover yourself from the rain.

Anyway, luckily I came up early because it turn even heavier by then! But after 20min, rain stopped.. Argh.. damn..

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