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Monday, July 10

Just another normal typical weekend passed again with nothing much happening at all. Except on Saturday I went to Tanjong Pagar to search for Chocolate and Spice shop which sell marvellous delicious muffin! But sadly to say, it was sold out when I reached and therefore, I went to look for my gf at her workplace.

Of course, base on my style, I will definely go there again to see whether they baked more but sadly to say they were about to close when I brought my gf there and also to let her know where is this shop. I hate explaining to ppl and tell her this area got something nice, I just like to bring her infront of the shop and let her know this stuff. Hehe..

So, with huge disappointment, we walked around in search of food though. Just when we were walking past the coffeeshop, someone was waving at me and woo la la... someone that I noticed and its my bro! Jason! Not Jason Kiew but another Jason which is from Frontallabs, and he was with Edwin from E-Trax record shop! Hehe.. It had been a long time since ever I met them and I was delighted to see them that day! It was not a wasted trip but something that I gain! And just knew that Edwin shop had shifted too! LOL.

After which, we waved bye to them and started our journey to go for our dinner. Again, I met them again when my bike pass by them! LOL.. So coincidence! Not bad, now my gf knew more of my friends! Army mate, normal pals, photographing pals, coll and my DJ friends!

We thought of eating at Harbour Front and end up we went to NUS side to eat which is near the hostel. I do not know the road name but I knew of the places as I went before. It had nice prata thou and alot of NUSian like to come out and eat! Not to forget, its 24hrs so that NUSians are able to grab the food anytime of the day.

Also, my gf showed me the secret path to their hostel which is beside of the terrance house and we had to walk along the drain. There are 2 bridges form to cross over the drain as to get in to the hostel. The much front is a proper bridge and somemore with stairs! Everything look nice and bright. While the 2nd bridge which is the inner one, is more dark and upon crossing the bridge, I had to go through in between the trees. Its not a small entrance but enough for a size like me to go through it. Thats how my gf and her friends always sneak out for supper without walking around the bus interchange just to get to the eating house! Hehe..

So far so good, the next day I went to my cousin house warming located at Sengkang area which is near to one of my relative house too. Near to NEL too, so still not as bad though.

The house is pretty nice and everything look like retro. Its a 4-room flat but one of the room was knocked down to form a bigger master bedroom which it is been connected together. Anyway, it was done up by the previous owner so just let it be. They had a walking wardrobe for them and not to forget the room was been done up to be their workstation and relaxation corner. Not as bad though.

At the wall, they had a retro design sitting which is like a rectangle but with 4 corners rounded and internally had cushion around. The depth was about 30" which is just nice for a big guy like me to sit in and you can also lie on it.

Next, end of World Cup and great Italy won. But sadly to say, won by penalty kick. How I wish it wasnt that. France is great and strong at attaching whereas Italy is strong at defense. It was a great game for them. Italy had lesser attack then France but yet their defense is really too strong but striking was alil weak but I guess the coach wanted them to play defense more as France is too fierce and I bet they are determine to win it. Sadly that one player was sent off after head butt against one of the Italy player chest. That lead disaster.

Somehow or rather, I do not like the coach. Why act so high class with his suit. He do looked like Austin Power! LOL. And one of the MTV show "Assistant", which the guy is the host. Wicked looking! Sad for the guy who didnt manage to kick in a goal for France. Great match! GOAL!

World Cup had ended, everything is back to normal. But not many will be working today as to have more rest. Those who won, Congrat. Whereas those who lose, try to find money to pay back the bet. The next World Cup, 2010!

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