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Friday, July 28

In less then 20hrs, I be in taking off toward Hong Kong! Woo! Im so anxious as this is the first time Im going overseas with my ger! hehe..

I really hope that everything will be very smooth, in term of timing which is very imptnt! If not, screwed up is the word I can say for now. haha

What worry me is that there won't be amber time to shop around if Im staying in Disneyland almost the whole day! Haha.. My sister told me that her friends did not stay throughout until late night for the fireworks and parade but Mag told me she stayed throughout and mentioned repeatedly that I must stay! haha.. If Im able to conquer the area in Day 2 of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, I don't mind. But Im pretty sure I would like to visit other places too.

Most important is to enjoy! Hope everything is as smooth until I did finish all the walking of all shopping areas. Best to grab some clothes there even though Wanting told me that her friends felt there's nothing much during Summer Sale. Well, fit nicely, suitable and size still matters. Haha.. I might not able as Im big size! Hahaha...

Currently waiting for Vortex to get me back fast as I wanted to borrow his carbon fiber tripod. *tip tap on my fingers*

After this trip, will be planning for Thai trip with family! Woot! Hoping everyone can make it! That's important! Very very very!

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