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Monday, July 24

I had finished my program on Rock Greats for KA today. Its a combination of 70s to 90s era which is not touching 2000. To me Rock Greats suppose to be in the 70s-80s era but I push forward another 10 more years to give more variety on the program so that as a listener, they get the taste of different era type of rock.

In fact, thanks for School Of Rock! They bring me more ideas on these! Great movie though and I love it alot!

Its not a good to be after work as the NEL is down but luckily Im taking bus home instead of NEL! Phew... luckily free shuttle bus was provided for the people to get to the area they want. God knows what going on, but according to my sis, she said it was down due to technical fault. But with no fear this is the report from Channelnewsasia.

I was in TIBS bus (TIB1035B) of 190 home and the bus driver is good because he shouted at the passenger in the bus to move back to let the rest of the people to get in the bus. I been wanted to say this million times but tend to forget!

I was damn pissed for ppl standing in the middle and not even MOVING in and eventually still freaking block the way from ppl moving in. This is a Bendy Bus which is long enough and able to hold more ppl! But to some ppl in the bus, do not even want to move to the centre (which the area is holding the front and back of the bus) and grab the pole! Why? Scare of the centre part will drop or rather scare to hold the bar and can't balance?

These ppl ought to get chased down to the bus and then re enter then bus! Let's see if you are happy by looking at the back of the bus which is only half pack! Oh brat! Please man! If you do not even want to move to the centre, then stand aside and let the rest of the ppl go through! Why block the whole passage and prevent the other from passing you? This is not regarding whether you are old or not but freaking common sense! If you want the seat so much, BEG FOR IT!

How can the rest of the ppl managed to get into the bus if everyone just stand on their own comfort and do not even dare to move in?! Its not freaking as if there's monster around?!!! Hello! Please be freaking considerate! Many times I wish to say the person in the bus but I can't bring myself to say but to curse and swear in the blog! What can I do man! Haizzz...

I guess the only best way is the speaker which the bus driver can press a button and announcement come out to order ppl to move in. I knew some buses have but NOT ALL! What is this?! Sigh sigh sigh! What a ppl who is so inconsiderate!

Tomolo which is later on, 12mn. 7th Month Ghost Festival Door Open! These buddies gonna have their fill in our world and have a holiday of 1 month. I shall pray for the safety for everyone. Nothing will go wrong and bless bless bless. Please have fun with the food and money that we all burnt for 'you' all.

2 more hours to go.

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