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Wednesday, July 12

I am very unhappy when I visited one of the website earlier on which are my ex-partners and me once set up together and now Im out. Something that PISSED me off literally! I'm going to get this thing down to bottom!

First of all, they loaded up wedding collage to their website which I did the Artwork only and the photos were actually taken by them. I had no rights for that and also, they did not claim who did it but belong to their company.

Secondly, I remembered once I took a photo of my friend, Leonard, ROM. Francis and me went ahead to help out, so its fine. But what displeased me was that, at least 3 photos was load up to their website and therefore claimed that they are the photographers for that ROM! How can this be possible! I am the one who did it and I have the original files! Yet, how can they claim all photos were claimed by them! Had I not been to the site, I wouldn't have had knew this problem! This is totally outrageous of taking my rights and been claimed that they are the one who took it! This is a sure NO NO way!

I do not bother about anything but wanted them to take down the photos that I once took before! They went too far by hosting the photos without my consent at all. I'll call up my friend, Francis regarding to this matter. Whether or not this website is still on going or been deserted, I firmly want to put it to a stop!

If the talk fails, I will then post everywhere in the forum to let ppl know about the situation. Im not holding any full time photography job but they are. They should know the consequences of not putting down the photos which, in the first place does not belong to the company at all! You know me well, I will make a fuss if everything does not compromise nicely.

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