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Thursday, July 13

Gosh.. I had a weird dream.. The dream was weird though.

"I took bus 190 as usual and the sky look greyish as if that the thunder will come any sooner. The usual route as the bus was travelling on is nothing to be so special. Just when the bus exit out from PIE expressway to Steven Road which there's a curve bend going up, I noticed something really unusual. I was sitting at the left side near the window of the bus. There are quite a number of ppl in the bus too."

"As the bus was turning up to the flyover, there are randomly poles that was stamped onto the grass so that the poles were standing upright. In total, there are around 5 group of poles which they are 1-2m apart from each other. There's also a white cloth been tied up by a string which cover the top of the poles. I'm pretty sure it resemble something as I seen it before."

"Suddenly, it striked my mind! It resembled a Malay Cemetery which I am very sure! I felt the bus was moving very slowly, perhaps due to the traffic jam way infront. It creeped me when I saw something that's been wrapped up with the huge white cloth and then it was been put in the hole which the men had digged. The men were black and look like Blangahesh to me thou. I can't understand why I kept looking at it even though it crept me! I never looked around me to see whether the rest saw it but I am just too engrossed over that. I noticed the white cloth that wrapped up the object was a shape of the human body! Please! Do not tell me it's a corpse Im seeing it! I felt the chill down my spine and my heart is beating even faster now!"

"I looked carefully that the shape of the head go down first! And suddenly an image strike on me which is really stupid! Which is once the head is down, it will be in the mud so that it will not come out at all. Meaning to say, its been ordered to go down then come up again! Stupid huh!"

"After which, when everything was done (sounded like it was in the Fast Forward mode) the men began to lay some 'tiles' on it which it had square holes in between each other for the grass to grow on it. We can see it everywhere along the road side thou. I felt that, huh! All the while I had been walking above the dead resting area?!"

Suddenly everything went black as my handphone alarm woke me up. I had cold sweat thou and kept thinking what the hell man! I had been dreaming such stuff. I guessed a trip to pray will be better for me!

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