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Monday, July 10

Finally! Im so happy! Its been years and I still love this game still! Its marvellous though! I rememebered one of the Alamak Chatter gave me this game to play and I love it! Until 2 years back I found this game back and intro to my coll and all of them love it too!

Since then until now, I had no idea where is the link because of the change of computer which make me unable to get back the link. Of course, I gotta thanks my Coll, Huiwen as she told me one of the game name which lead me to more games. And out of suddenly, I began to realise I had one of the link at home call "Walk Through The Green Wall", and from then on, I slowly make a search on it! Coolios MAN! ALAS! My effort had not been wasted! I found it thou!! IM HAPPY! Must share with my ger as to test how clever she is to play.

All games are simple, you took one things at a time and then make yourself escape away from the room. Its interesting. Though its just clicking but hell no way its too easy. Figure and patience is the key word to the games.

I shall intro the games to you now!

One of the finest game I played by Fasco-CS There are a total of 4 games but I never finished all as I just realised they finish writing quite a number of them now! COOL!

I happened to make a search earlier on for the game that I wanted and I click on this game which look interesting to me too! Have fun!

This is the game that I LOVE THE MOST! It's Mystery Of Time And Space. Though I played twice already, but both time told me the game is not complete hence I be trying out to see whether if this game is complete. I love the song on it too! Think hard!

And now, HAVE FUN PPL!

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