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Monday, June 26

Oh well, I would like to thanks all the ppl who added me in! Eventually, I had to re register myself because of myspace is under friends and not My Space Music. LOL. And end up, re adding of friends is inevitable! So tedious! lol

Anyway, thanks everyone once again! Appreciate alot!

Not to forget, I had myself register to too! LOL Look like I am god damn free to play ard these stuff huh! Putting that for fun though so no point showing here. Out of boredom, I create that!

To think, I bring home to QC 3 programmes and of course I managed to finish up as its just listening. And I had kinda study the tutorial of Cubase SX3 quite alot and getting a hand of it. Great!

Not to forget and congrat my darling girl who had passed her BTT earlier today and now she just got her PDL and able to drive soon! Hehe.. Good luck darling, must have courage while driving, ok? And good luck for FTT too! That's imptnt tho!

Lose lose lose... lose soccer bet for 2 days but, in overall of the amt I still got winning.. Not much though. haha.. World Cup = Destress, Tired, Sad, Curse and Swear! LOL

Kinda miss chicken rice! Didnt know why but... haha.. thats weird, aint it? Haha...

Still considering the bike, but gotta find the loan fast. Not to forget the the air tix to HongKong. Tix + accommondation + food and not to forget play and buy things. Hmm.. how much will we spend? I guess in total of 1.5K. Haha.. Hoping it wun be that exp thou. Im hungry but will be taking the powder later on. Haha... hmm hmm hmm...

Back to work now. haha

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