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Thursday, June 29

Im totally mesmerized by a song since yesterday when Im browsing MySpace Music. There's one sweet Jap girl whom is a singer posted her song over there, since then I had been listening non stop till now. The wonderful melody, beautiful vocal and arrangement just blew me off! I can't explain why is it so but it's just too nice to listen to it over and over without any furthermore sickening! LOL..

I shall make a search on the shelves abt this artist thou. You may want to check Miyo's MySpace Music out. Not to forget that her music arranger who is Mr Kurage Honda who did a marvellous job. Do check her out! It make me have a urge to do a remix on this song but in dub and therefore send for approval :) Well, hoping everything goes well if I am able to do it. lol

Yesterday was Avy birthday and all of us including my gf and her coll with JJ were at Seletar Reservoir celebrating for her. Its a nice area to hang out and funny was that I parked my bike at the rd side and suddenly a group of motorist came and parked beside my bike thought that its one of their friends parking there and make it as if its a gathering corner. haha.. Later on, part of them were gone which I guess, went rounding.

We left the area around 11plus whereas all of us were tired and I had to send my baby girl home so we on the bike and rest, on JJ's car. Whether of not he sent them home directly, I do not know about that. When I moved off with the bike, alot of ppl were viewing it! Haha.. Maybe due to the exhuast sound alil like Harley which make everyone curious with the bike and the its isnt too old... look good, ok. haha

Well...My girl is alittle unhappy about the rushing which make everyone no time to eat and rest. She kinda stressed out recently which I have to be considerate towards her and help her to plan things properly though. Once everything get confused, she went more confused. I guess, sometime I better be more direct and say I shall lead the plan if not my girl will tend to stress out and had a bad mood. I never blame her for bad mood recently as I know she is facing some stress over work, I really hoping that everything will go smoothly by end of this mth.

First, buy her a phone and a ppc to organise stuff which we need it to remind ourselves, we have a brain to think, not a memory card to store stuff. LOL. All of us tend to assume alot thus making things worse and therefore we tend to listen to one ear and goes out by another. That's human err. :o)

Things to buy for me now: New spec, new slipper, new sandal, new VGA card, PPC, Phone.
Places to go: HongKong
Things to buy in future: Mac Book Pro, Nikkor 17-55mm f2.8, Super Four Spec III, Arai Helment, Ibanez electric guitar, digital piano, 2x LCD wide screen, SOny MDR 7506

I guess... that should be it.. haha..

Hoping my website will be up soon. Maybe I should set up my pBase site first thou. The portfolio site will be abit slower then. :o)

Awaiting for to do some music... urge urge urge.... oh my god.. lol

Oh.. coming Saturday, hoping that my gf computer will be fixed up.. really pray that its minor problem. If its VGA card prob, I shall give them and get myself a newer one.. and better one too. lol

Besider that, I had a movie to share around, its Street Racing Online site. This fucker was speeding so fast until... I shall left the comments to judge... just look at how this bugger ride the bike... PLS DO NOT FOLLOW, OK? HE MIGHT BE DEAD BY NOW! Click here for the Clip

And also, ppl that like cartoon can click here to check which cartoon you like to watch

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