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Friday, June 30

Fatal accident at yishun. 2 killed and 1 escape with slight injury. Sometime, its all about safe riding and don't ever speed when you are pilloning someone. They had no control of the bike thus never know rider thinking. Ride safe and do not speed. Speed with wise and do not go overboard as what I shown the video earlier on from Street Racer Online.

May the dead rest in peace and my deepest condolence to the family.

Apart from that, my country trying to act something funny again by increasing transport fee. All they look are based on the economy, having a slight increament is ok. But, have they ever think of ppl that are jobless and the elderly who had hard time earning money? What's all these by increasing non stop? Everything just belong to THEM. They are just a bunch of ppl that had no idea how all of us survive all these years. This is really over doing it and I guess, until the day they had the live like us then they know how hard live we are surviving. Sighs....

All the best to CST upon getting the money. Cheers

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