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Saturday, June 24

Currently, Im on the dilemma state. Whether shall I choose the bike or not. I met up with the seller today at my area. The bike is not in the perfect shape due to left right accident but not to count that, the accessories is great. Imagine that the bike can go until 440km for the entire full tank.

The signal light, exhuast pipe, metal holding of the wheel had been scratched badly, gear pedal is loosen and lost of rubber. These are the things that is poorly condition. Nevertheless, the hidden switch and power booster is one of the stuff that amazed me. Great fuel comsumption. Left $7540 and cash $1160. If the guy able to accept $800, I do not mind getting it. And therefore, most imptnt is the financial loan. If Im able to fork out 3K now, everything will be fine. But I need to get more information for the loan now. Lets hope then.

At the same time, I thinking of holiday now. Hong Kong trip for 5 days or even 3 days HK and 3 Days Taipei. Hoping that go HK now and next trip will be TP. Same time, Lawrence is going with his wife too! Same month but had not mention which date and I did told him abt the Jet Star Asia promo but sadly to say, it left some screw up date for us. LOL. So, maybe take the normal rate or even commercial plane. Most likely, we go together and get there to be on our own. Couple time! LOL Most imptnt is to visit their tea house, Disney and some dvd shops too! Too bad that I do not know the HK DJ well enough like Keith, if not, they can be in great help too! Host I mean. LOL... So, now need the confirm date to fly there. Hoping this is a great holiday!

I be selling my 35mm F2.0 because currently, I do not actually need it as mostly using 28-70mm now. So, its good to get rid stuff that I do not need. Im aiming Nikkor 17-35mm now which costing around 2K plus. Oh damn! haha.. That depend on how many wedding job I be doing. Thanks for Jayme, one of my alamak pal, will be spreading words for me. Charging low to move on up. :) And therefore, Angel is really marketing hard now as she locate some of my friends to help her too. Guess that she is real one hardworking girl. All the best, lets hope that the make up you do will move on to another stage and for me that client love the photos too!

Gary called me earlier on regarding to wedding projects. I can eventually sub job from him saying that if there's 2 day shoot, I can take one of the day if he is unable to make it that time. And, of course, I need to gather some port folio for wedding too. Hoping my friend can help me asap for the flash though. And the full details will be in the pbase site.

If wedding job is making me move on, I be getting my bike for sure! LOL. If not, now I better save up for other stuff. Still considering the bike now.. lol.. No bike, I can change my video card and get wide screen LCD! And also my IBANEZ guitar and my digital piano!!! LOL Oh.. I improve my piano! Jolin - Jian Jian Dan Dan is nice! I put in alot of effort on it... I didnt touch for a long time and yet, Im able to play it at least listenable is consider not bad tho!

Meanwhile, I again active in Myspace! Nice and great place to be! I added alot of the DJs ard the world and same things, they added me too!!! Marvellous! Whoever it is, who cares. But this is one of the site, I can really showcase my music too! Hoping I can really finish a song that ppl love it! Till they notice me!

And also, I just got the Cubase Tutorial DVDs and watching on it. To think that, I didnt know alot of stuff! I mean, for those tools, grouping, etc etc.. alot of them are really too useful to me.. I be learning even more and as well as Ableton Live 5 Tutorial too. I need to know everything in and out so that I can fully utilise it! There's great!

Guys, wish me luck. I wanna be great. I feel that something is smiling towards me now. Look like lady luck is smilin now. Great to hear it. Photographing and Music are my love. Of course the no 1 love is my darling. Wish you luck on Monday BTT! Then FTT and TP! Cheers darling! Sorry that Im unable to make it for the first mth of the bb celebration at Michelle house.

German Vs Sweden and Argentina Vs Mexico. Who win it? Currently German is leading by 2 goals and Sweden got a red card and left with 10 ppl on the field. Argentina will be another exciting game later!

Oh.. to think I brought office work to do! Well, in fact is just QC. A total of 3 programmes took abt 6 hrs with 2 hrs each. Now left with 1 program to QC. So far so good. Its great to listen thru monitor speaker then headphone because at least I can on it louder and feel at ease then listening to some crappy speaker in office. LOL

Ok, gotta end here. Think of the bike now... hehe.. Guitar wise, can borrow from James since he is not using now. Hehe.. I shall carry on my QC session the next day and also my tutorial! Plus my production time! Hehe

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