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Tuesday, June 27

Busy is the word now! So many to QC and programmes to do. Sigh.. I need the holiday!!!!

Myspace is getting nicer now.. and thanks for the ppl adding me. Haha..

Get your own countdown at

This is so cool! Woot! hehe. Don't you think so?

Beside that, I can put in my photos too!!! Aint that great? Hahaha
These are the two: Rock You & Slide

As for the bike, need to ask properly for the loan because there's no bike loan from Hong Leong, needed to request for personal loan. Still planning on the bike, if I get the hihg interest for the bike, I might as well get new bike, pay low but long duration. At least, I wouldnt feel the ache of paying every mth so high cost unless there's job always for me.

If I really have few weddings to do, I be consider of 17-55 f2.8 len because of the range and its never cheap.. costing ard 2.7K. Damn it, it can let me do a downpayment, buy a pipe or guitars! Or even a virus TI syth!!! Oh gosh.. Lets hope for the best of everything.

Poor thing of my girl been scolded ytd and cried so bitterly, look like she feel very comfortable upon seeing me because she totally break down when Im ard. Hehehe..

Still on par with soccer, so far no big issue now. LOL...

Hope for the best of everything, tonight booking Air Tickets to Hong Kong.

Mom went to X ray today, hope everything will be fine for her. *pray hard*

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