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Sunday, January 22

Heavy minded now...

Finding out the reason why can be interesting if the information is there. But when it is not, kinda finding a needle in the sea.

Where's the help when I need? It seem like throwing one corner and ask you to survive throughout. It is no wonder, people come and go.

Typically, I can handle things well.. but right now, due to heavy load on my back, it seem like it is nearly impossible for that to happen. Prepare to get whack for not finding out anytime soon. I am glad I know how everything goes, but I really hope it is not too late.

I still have to recheck if possible. But, I really hope that someone can be there to help me through.

As I neglect the other side and concentrate here, it is going to be very unhealthy.

In short, I am just worried for the lack of stuff that should found out earlier.

This is the first time ever I feel so tense over this Chinese New Year. Sigh... Please... I hope to see some light...

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