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Sunday, November 27

Accomplishing the task I made for

I have not go out and take photos for a long time, hence the missing 2 weekend a photo.
Maybe, I should not stick to weekend only... It should be A Week A Photo... =)

Work is getting heavier, but feel self satisfy too. At least something useful that I am doing now, but heavy responsibilities too.

I must try to accomplish what I wanted to do.

Now, I must put up some plan; here goes...

Reformat my computer first, because I have unknown huge capacities of storage in C drive! I wanted to install the programs to D:/ instead.

Buying new sport shoe! For work and also, mild running and brisk walk.

Get my production start up after the formatting of computer first. It does not matter how long I take.

Finish my San Guo DVDs! And, my Single Mode Play on Batman and BF3!

Bring my kids out almost every weekend - be it anywhere! Something that they can explore more!

Do more exercise for my own good and maintain good diet food intake too.

The above... wow.. a lot to accomplish, huh.
Some can be done soon, but I must be discipline too.

I believe I can do it... so can you too!

Stay tuned for my completion of these tasks!!! I must make a regular updates.

Oh yeah!!! More Photography stuff....

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