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Wednesday, September 7

Need and want

There are quite a few things that I really hope to obtain, but this is not going to be 100% accurate.
I may have wants and needs; or even like to have.

These are the things that I really had in my mind.

Need a new spect as spare
Want a new laptop (maybe a Macbook Pro with Win system. But I can use my current old Macbook White)
Want a pioneer 4350 (For iPod and better sound system)
Need a new washing machine
Like to have a new 27" LCD monitor screen
Need a new running shoe
Like to have new earphone (For jogging or brisk walk)
Want to slim down.
Want a overseas trip (family outing)

I cannot seem to list more; pretty weird huh?

Of course, I would like to have all of them, but I have to be realistic that I can only get them if I have enough money first. After all, some are just a dream which may not come true.

But it is good to have such a dream at times, at least we can look forward in our life tho. Heh

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