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Sunday, May 1

Cheap HDMI cables

Finally, I gotten these HDMI cables to fix up the rest of the devices that going to connect to my amp.

Why need 4?

These are for my media player, PS3, Mio Home box , Starhub and Bluray Player.

I decided to put one extra HDMI let loose from TV in case I wanted to use my PS3 connect together rather than having it to amp. Well, I do not think I can enjoy the sound system at night, right.

These cables are really affordable at $10 each. Go to Xtremeplace forum and find it under AV accessory.

It is 1.8m long and made in China.

My friend had tested this cable and give a thumbs up despite it being $10. Let's not get into the debate of having branded HDMI cables like QED, monster cables and etc, ok?

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