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Friday, December 3

Power cushion for my ride

Thanks Ah Ho from Li Hong enterprise who recommend this power cushion to be installed on the suspension for my ride.
Total damage: $140 for 2 pairs.

This is very good, especially when you drove past the hump, because this will reduce the whole car to wobble a lot. I tested it and it is true.

Especially when you came back from JB and cross the Singapore custom, there are a lot of 5 humps and I feel so easy passing them now. It does not wobble so much like before. This money is well spent indeed!

Someone, whom I met at the workshop, told me the pros of this product and he intend to fit the front 2 as the back 2 had been fit before because it still wobble a lot when he drove.

For car suspension
To be mount on suspension so that it will stiffen it

The rubber cushion for suspension
To be place at car suspension. So that the suspension will not be too soft and does not wobble a lot when going on hump.

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