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Sunday, July 11

Good bye and Hello

It had been with me for a long time and it is high time to let it go.
Yes, to many, they know what's going on.

I had sold my Canon 5D last Friday night at $1150.
I gave up on the batteries issue. I passed my camera to a guru for a check, he is assured that 5D is not causing the issue. More likely the batteries.

I went home, charged it, but it does not work at all. 10sec of charging and it stated full charged? How ironic, huh?
Hence, Darrel taught me to charge with the charger unit tilt and press hard down. Yes, it works...  Camera body shown full battery even when I switched on the next day.

To prevent any headache coming again, my choice: sell it off. I am glad someone is taking over it. At most the new owner have to buy the new charger or batteries outside or BHphotovideo. Luckily, he told me that his current camera is using the same charger and batteries, so there's no issue about it.

A quick shot of my beloved before she had been taken away.

Good bye, my dear 5D

Take good care, mr 5D.. Hope your new owner will like you!

I will miss you a lot.. the time you brought happiness ...

And what comes next? .......

I do hope fore a Canon 1D Mark IV but it is near impossible for sure.

...... Presenting......

Ta da!!!!

My new toy for my photography.

Presenting you:
Canon 5D Mark II
Sigma 50mm f1.4

A sharp prime lens. Worth to get it no mater what. It cost me $820 for this great lens.

The only down point: color (can be corrected using LR3 or Ps)

Good point: Sharp and nice bokeh

New CF card on the board.
Sandisk  16GB speed

Overall purchases:
Canon 5D MarkII - $3175
Sigma 50mm f1.4 - $820
CF Card 16GB - $160

Huge damage

I was not so happy when I got this beauty. Partly, I am no longer a hobbyist, but a freelance photographer who want to earn more for family and get more jobs!
But of course, having 5D MK II video capability is one of the main reason I am looking at it. HD and the output look terrific.

Watch out for my old songs with MV anytime soon! I promise.....

my purchasing trip:

The lowest price and great shop offered: SLR Revo and TK Foto

I got to blame myself for not asking if there's stock available in SLR Revo because I assumed. I went there with disappointment. Canon 5D body only offered: $3168
So I went down to TK Foto and bang my luck. End up, I paid $7 more than SLR Revo. Furthermore, they sold me 5D MK II with kit lens box!
OK ok.. do not worry. I only bought the body without the kit lens. The lens had been placed on the shelf for sale, so my box with kit lens is just for show. LOL.

I need it urgently because there's Zoo trip on Sunday morning!

The person who served me is David, nice and friendly whom I find him very easy to approach tho.

When I wanted to purchase the vertical grip with extra battery, I was told it was sold out! So I , being itchy butt, asked for Sigma 50mm f1.4! It was highly recommended among the forum posters and even Lawrence also praised for it! After considering for 15min, I got that with 77mm UV filter. I had my CF card bought later on when I remembered that I need highly capacity.

Since vertical grip is not available and it is just accessories, I reckon it is better to pour down on a lens tho.

I have to save more and get the grip next time. Also, I am looking forward to get more photography jobs. Right now, I am giving 20% discount off the total bill. If there's wedding or events, do contact me, ok? I will be more than happier!

After all, I am proud of the new camera rather than so damn happy mood.

Gonna post up some images on Sigma 50mm f1.4 real soon! Stay tuned!

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