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Friday, March 12

When you are rich and famous

Just look at the headlines recently :"SEX SCANDAL".

Is this gonna be one of the top search for 2010? Too many of them from any countries; especially when you are rich and famous.

Isn't this funny that when one news broke out, more will come as if they are lining up at the queues to screw you out?

Do you think you can forgive and forget like Jack Neo's wife? Should we salute to her brave courage? I am in no position to judge. It does made me feel so disgusted when I saw the newspaper lately on his scandal. A girl whom he had fling with can be his daughter.

Who is at fault in the first place? When one try to prey on the victim, she can reject no matter what. Instead, they want it to be in that way. Remember, there's always someone who wanted to be a star and so to say, the reason behind it.

Why not try to be the thick skinned Steven Lim?*cough*

When you are rich and famous, some of your dark secret will leak out like a speed of light. But when you are not, haters will post information about you and spread across facebook, MSN, twitter and etc... Just that the rich and the famous will get more attention on such issue.

Be a good husband, save the marriage then getting yourself astray. While the rest can give the offender a chance, will he or she be able to face up? 1 chance is enough, there wouldn't be a 2nd one.

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