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Tuesday, March 16

Is it a trend now?

Is it really a trend or just a monkey see, monkey do situation?

Running away from work does not make you a hero, but living with guilt. You may have ran away from the horrible boss and the stress you suffering from, but remember this, you just made the suffering people behind being swore whereby they did nothing wrong in the first place.

If talking to boss fail, you try again. And if it fail for the 2nd time, resort the MOM for help. If you do not located here, typically speaking, you are safe. Unless there's legal action against the person.

What comes goes around, comes around. You never know what will happen next eventually. I am not trying to pour cold water because you are happy that you have just escaped. But touch your heart and conscience, are you sure by doing that is right after all?

I believe in moral and karma.

At the same time, I shall praise my friend for holding on her job for months until she decided to tender. Despite her having depression before, she still hold on firmly to finish her last few weeks of contract.

Eventually, when employee start to leave and running away, the boss should look into what is going on than blaming everyone out there. By shouting, scolding, cursing, pushing the blame and being stressed, he or she should just reflect themselves. Why, how and what?

The fear is there and people started to feel no trust at all.

Don't you think it is very amazing?

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