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Saturday, January 16

Funny scenario

We have a funny scenario.

While trying out jeans at Levi's, my alter length is 40" but wifey told me why at Fox is 36.5"?! After buying the jeans, I make a trip down to IMM at night with my wife to get my PCI Firewire card then to collect my Fox jean as well. After fitting it, realising that the 36.5" is really no to me! Oh dear... new jeans but shorter in length? Quite hard to accept so the girl measure again and saw that it is 35.5"! Pengz... Oh well... nothing can be done, scolding is no use, making a big fuss does not help the jean material to grow, so we return the jeans back to them and hope that they can re alter it.

While we are about to reach our carpark, Fox called me and said that the jeans is actually 36.5" than 35.5"! Ok, a boo boo on sales stuff tho. Well, it is quite impossible for me to take back right because the initial measurement is wrong. The girl is nice and explain that they still send for alternation again and see what they can do. At most open the end, add in the cloth, sew it and that's it. If the skill is good, I do not mind accepting but if it look so obvious and ugly... I think as a customer demanding a new jeans wouldn't be wrong, right?

To think my wifey and I were cracking jokes about shorten jeans in length before heading to IMM. And I didn't know if alternation goes wrong, you can demand a new one.. Ok, I admit I do not know this at all.

Will do an update soon!

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