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Thursday, January 28


So, everything is about 3D now. Basically, all you need is a 3D spect to watch the movie or even soccer match!

Base on BBC article, there will be a 3D soccer match live telecast! Will land on here? Seriously speaking, I am not a soccer fans so I have no clue on these. Let alone watching a 3D movie!

Being a father now, all the times taken up is my dearie cutie daughter and helping out my family housework till late night. When I am not doing anything, newspaper, Googling and e-mailing are my daily routine.

As and when I will do some simple editing on photos before uploading to flickr and start blogging. No, I am not complaining at all, just that you find a lot of time been taken up when you have a kid. Those who are parents of themselves will know my meaning.

By doing those, do I have time to catch a movie with my wife? Maybe buying a DVD or Blu Ray is the only resort. Even I have countless BDs / DVDs titles, I doubt that I have time to enjoy every single bit of sound from Dolby. Ha!

And now, since I had missed out so much on all the Dolby Digital, DTS, TrueHD and etc... here comes 3D. That's the futuristic movie whereby most of the filming production are doing. Even for the next Harry Potter movie will be in 3D.

Seriously, I hate wearing extra spect when watching a movie tho. But sad to say, no 3D spect, you cannot enjoy the feel. Right? For those who tends to get giddy easily, maybe you can tell me about it. Do you feel giddy after each movie? So, is this good for our eyes? Generally speaking, I am not a doctor, I have no clue but I do know our eyes will have to work extra hard. I hope it is fine tho.

If you really love these 3D, maybe you got to hang on from purchasing a TV! You need a 3D Ready first! Alright, another Ready in line.

Do wait for the full 3D instead then! Year 2010 is a interesting year for all....

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