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Monday, November 30


Why does M-Audio stop giving support for Midisport 2x2 64bit? Now, that will become a white elephant! I have to purchase a new one with 64bit Win 7 support!

To think that they released a new Midisport 2x2 Anniversary Edition with Win 7 64bit support!

Look like it is time to get a new soundcard with Midi interface. At least it is just 1 breakout box than having 2 of it. So, it is a good bye to M-A. You have lose another faithful customer for years. I cannot imagine there are so many angry consumer in the forum voicing out their disappointment. The after-sale support is really bad.

It is better to wear a new spect with clearer vision. Look carefully before committing. I have so many friend facing such situations lately. Yes... we need to look carefully at whatever-things.

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