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Tuesday, September 22

Damn tiring

I am really feeling super and ultra tired! No time to rest over weekend.

Ok, time to share some stuff now.

I finally gotten the LX3 last Saturday! Well, mom intend to buy that for me though. Thanks! ha!
After that, wifey and I along with Cait went to Cathay Photo to buy a small lowepro bag, extra 8Gb SD HC card.

For 8Gb SD HC card, LX3 only allow 10min of video recording and 200+ photos for shooting RAW format. I have not try on Jpeg yet. Panansonic LX3 is running on different RAW format which only LightRoom 2.3 and above will be able to read. If not, use the original software they provide in the box.

At the same time, I had signed up for MIO home last Friday when a guy was doing door to door sales from Singtel. In short to say, I get to save more in the end. Internet at 10mbps cost me about $56.90 and being the first mobile line, I get to enjoy 15% discount and free caller ID too. For yearly upgrading of handset, I need not to pay the addition $100. I can also nominate my wife and parents mobile line in MIO home too. So, there will be 3 mobile lines additional add to the list and they get to enjoy 25% off from the bill. My parents will get to enjoy the discount if they upgrade from Classic to ionePlus plan.

On Sunday, all of us went to Waterloo St to pray and have lunch together before heading home as I have a ROM photoshoot at SAF Seasiew chalet.

Congrats Sean & Rebecca

I'll be looking forward to their Actual Day wedding next 16th Jan '10. Nice and romantic ROM by the seaside tho. I will rush the photos out for you two real soon. It's not really easy to do a ROM shoot on journalistic style unless I have 2nd camera on hand.

After the ROM, my family and I went to Mustafa at late night. Yes, quite a lot of people were around and it is pretty squeezy everywhere, but not that bad tho. I managed to get myself a torchlight and it is SureFire lookalike. Ha! Costing only $25, while my wife gotten herself a fondue pot.

Cait is very happy to go out at night tho. Despite been tired, she kept opening her eyes to see the surrounding non stop. How ironic.

As for yesterday, we went to granny house as she missed Cait a lot. Ha... See? There's really no time to rest and it is damn hard to take a studio shoot of Cait at home tho! OMG. I must faster find the time to do it ASAP! No time to waste!

*** sigh ***
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