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Wednesday, July 1

Want to go home?

Ok, you need this to do your math before going home! If not, you will get nothing but complain and complain and complain.....

So, going home on dot is terribly wrong. Ops.. I mean follow computer timing is wrong. What you got to do is to follow your BOSS time. When your boss say you go home too early, that's his say. His watch is the best and accurate timing of all.

And... what time is it on your watch, may I ask? Basically, you did not tell others what time is it on your watch, how the hell will the others know? Isn't that common sense?

Maybe you need a clock for your Birthday, or a BIG BIG one, whereby you can place in the office for everyone to see. So that no one dare to go home too early or come to work too late.

Does a worker get a gift or incentive for reporting to work early? No, right? Then, WHY can't I go home on DOT?

I think this one fit the best in the office!

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YieTze said...

haha this one for him on his birthday ler ,so that everyone can see !!!

Boon said...

I dun even want to pay for it. Why should I? I dun care liao. LOL

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