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Tuesday, June 23

Ok, its over!

Ok, I decided to musk off the company name as to protect the interest. Why?

This coy is own by my wife's friend's hubby's parent. So, if there's one more comment against from that annoymous, I suggest you beware. Deal it gracefully by stating your name and not hiding behind the computer.

I am a peace loving creature in this universe. I do not bite you to death unless provoked.

Each and everyone work for their boss. Do not come and tell me this and that, try it yourself etc. Look yourself in the mirror, are you sure you want to say that? Such sentences had been heard numerous times, if you have substance, these will not come out from your mouth. Do not try to defend when fault is against you. Explanation had been heard and we are happy but when the comment appear on here, you sure you know what you are doing?

I have a great day!

Thank you so much!!!

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Anonymous said...

wow ..luckily she met you . If she met ppl like xia xue she will discribe the whole story with PICTURES plus all the dialogues to everyone !!

axvry said...

ohhh.... so much tension suddenly!!! Lolz... like u said its over... its not worth brooding over such people... sometimes we met people that are so annoying that u feel like strangling them... haha.... but as ur blog header states: Life is full of happiness... hence, Enjoy ur Day =)

Sweety Family said...

axry - u made my day by saying that. Think you should console the victim instead of me. heh...

I pity the way how ppl work. Can vomit blood, but at least this is the learning cycle. ha!

Anonymous said...

My friend's wife's brother's sister is your mum!

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