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Wednesday, June 3

Comparing of search engine looks

First there's Yahoo, then come Google, next they come up Cuil (previously from Google) and now, Window doing their Bing! FYI, MSN search engine is link to Bing.

Yahoo front page

Google front page

Cuil front page

Bing front page

I did some testing by searching for canon camera.

Yahoo - gave me purely just wording and no images, which I find that the whole look is boring.

Yahoo search page

Google - Here and there with a little bit more of write up then Yahoo, but do have image included.

Google search page

Cuil - Neat write up with images for all links. But it does made the entire look niche and less information.

Cuil search page

Bing - Seem like the combination of Yahoo and Google pattern.

Bing search page

So in overall, which is your favourite search engine and outlook? Does Bing win over Google now?

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