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Tuesday, May 5

What the...

Everywhere you went, mask are all over and that also include SAF area when I went for IPT yesterday. I was kinda late for training and of course I am not the only one tho. I thought I lost my wallet and end up that I found in my car this morning. *phew*

Oh yeah, Oppo BDP83 is out for mass ordering and I am really tempting to get it! LG370 is great as it is code free at the price of $599 while Oppo is $899 and read only R1 DVD, which means, those R3 and DVD 9 region is not readable, so you might want to get another HDMI DVD player or even Oppo 980/981 for that since you can crack to make it region free. Oppo is one of the promising brand ever for DVD player and of course, it won many enthusiastic heart to it and this time round they prefer to have it outstanding by not having region free for DVD. Yes, if it is able to, best! But sadly, it does not. I am considering then.

I went to SGX Center 1 to collect my $80 worth of petrol voucher yesterday at MSIG and to my surprise that the trip is so expensive! $2 ERP and $2.20 per 30min at carpark! Weird that there's sensor for season holder only and no ERP sensor, so cash card input is slot in manually!

Wifey and me went to Funan after collecting the stuff, and we were so happy to go out for a good walk and great meal over at Pastamania! How nice to step into Funan once again! Temptation are all over but I had to hang on myself towards it. I got to settle my car insurance pay out and the remaining debts first! I am so happy that my installment will be over next month! Hurray to debt free installment! Here I come for Oppo!

While trying to search for music on youtube for some clarification, I got hook with this beautiful female singer and the music. Heh!

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