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Thursday, May 21

It's abt Wii

And if you are still scratching head about Wii issue like those hard word you heard / read before like cIOS, IOS, Preloader, Backup Launcher, Twilight, WAD etc... I shall suggest this wonderful thread for everyone to read about it. In there, you will know what you are suppose to.

As for how to install preloader, there's guide as well. Click on the thread and read on how it guide you one by one.

I almost thought of having gamma install until I read the whole thread! Geck OS is still the better one to use.

Read it to understand even more. My previous post had already consists of the direct link to download it.

Of course, click on here to find out each and every loader had its pros and cons. The one that I wanted does not allow me to use SDcard. Luckily another loader allow both USB and SDcard usage.

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