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Saturday, April 11

Sweet time together

Finally a photo with Cait!

I simply do not understand WHY some funny people want to use 2 air pumper to pump the tyre for just one car! It is fine when you are the only car, but when mine is just in front of you, there's no reaction at all! Just carry on doing as if I HAVE to wait for you? Oh gosh... And also, what kinda people are you to smoke in the petrol kiosk? Near by to toilet does not mean you are out of the danger zone? Gosh. These people are retarded of the century!

Though my 2nd blog is up and running, I still have not got the time to put in the photos I want to showcase yet. I do not know whether IF I want to load to flickr or everything to server. Can someone tell me how? Looking at how JoHo had, he also using flickr but it is indeed kinda slow due to the script pop up gallery. Anyway, that is not the main issue. I am still looking around for nice gallery, so that I can show it to everyone out there.

For the curious people, my new photography blog is up and running, do come and visit me more often! May I have a new and cool theme?

Thanks to my mom who had been helping so much until she really loss so much of her sleep! When she went to cut her hair, the hairdresser was shocked that mom is doing the confinement things! Even asked if she has one more son to intro to her daughter! How funny!

All aunts except the 3rd came by today and gave few items to us. Much appreciated and touched. Mainly because there's grandchild in the ONG family and my dad belong to the first male in the family, even though lining up, he is number 3.

My insurance aunt talked to me and wifey about the plan I had and been rejected reason, but I decided not to go for the checkup until after my IPT as I will be putting a lot of effort on training up. Not to mention about child insurance like accidental and hospitalization plan. Just these 2 will cough up around $500 plus annually, and for education one, I almost fallen down from the cost! $370 per month! But, it is one of the good plan for her and us too. We are looking at this plan because the paying is up till certain year and then the money will grow with interest. Money can be taken out if we, the parents, want it for investment or her education, or for her to keep it till she is old.

Simply to say, total will cost more than my pay for this insurance so we have to get the min sum first because looking at no 2 and 3, we will faint big time. Wifey was telling me that why we do not have so much saving now. I laughed because this is what everyone will go through and not a lot of people can fork out so much per month! Unless we tio toto or 4D, then I pay annually without worries. Insurance is one item that can kill us but of course, no one want to use it.

Look like I have to work extra harder! I just did a few shot and going to submit these for stock images if Getty Images approve me. Another site will be Veer and Corbis.

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