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Tuesday, April 21

Something to share

So, the weather turn colder this morning and made me have a urge of NOT going to work. I am having bad headache yesterday, so I pop 2 panadol pills before turning to sleep. Apparently, I am unable to wake up because I need plenty of rest! Only my mom and wifey been taking of Cait since midnight.

I am feeling much better then yesterday.

Pretty getting used to my phone but a downside: I cannot turn on MSN because the software I gotten is from China, and either it is or WTH! I am holding a account tho.

Furthermore, I cannot seem to play my internet radio on both DI.FM and Protonradio because of files not recognise at all. It need window media player to play instead, and for proton, I do not why I cannot click onto the player at all. Yes, it needed flash to play, so what's wrong then?

Just as I am browsing the forum, I come around this beautiful and sad story of the couple. Just read on.

And of course, let see something even hilarious about this sassy woman got her way to get the car. Seriously speaking, it could be his mistress tho.  He surrender just like that! OMG. What a joke and embarrassing moment in the car show room. THUMBS DOWN!

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