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Thursday, April 9

Not to worry, dear

Wifey is feeling a bit down because of Cait cait as the test she went through caused baby girl get infected. Luckily the doctor mentioned that it is just surface around where she got it, so not much to worry about. Hoping wifey do not feel so bad and worry too much. I told wifey not to read too much on net because of the consequences when the Grp B Step is positive. Shall not mention too much about, go google if you want to know more. Hope that baby girl will be fine soon.

Something to update about!

This coming weekend, my aunts from dad's side will be coming by and see the princess and on Saturday, my mom's side. Wow, I am really appreciate that so many people will be coming down to see her with so much of excitement. Confinement is something that most of the mummies have to go through which is due to the traditional. By right, confinement is strict due to the fact that China, been cooling, better than Singapore, and they only take water from well which is cold also, are needed to boil it. In addition, there's no such thing call Epi and C section in the past, thus all mummies had to put in a lot of effort to push! Pores will open and they felt so tired, hence the reason of doing confinement strictly.

But for now, having the Epi and C section, quite weird that they have to follow such rules by boiling hot water using charcoal, no bathing of body and hair. Yes, they will be smelly in 4 days and luckily that wifey is going to wash her hair for the 2nd time. Keeping clean is important tho. Hoping that 1 month will pass by fast and wifey can enjoy her great spa shower and go to Jean Yip for her hair spa treatment! Look like the package that wifey took come in handy!

Oh dear, look like my ankle is getting on again. To think that 2 doctors advised me to wear sport shoe because of the air cushion in it. Those leather shoe and non air cushion will hurt my ankle big time.

Plus, great to Kenneth Choo as he been busy with photoshoot. When will I be as busy like him? Doing things that I like most? It take times perhaps?

I finally signed up my new domain and it will take hours to approve it. I was doing a trial registration at limebox until they sent me an email for confirmation! Ok, I am at the final page already, and since I reached there,  I decided to apply for it and waste no more time. All I need is to get the web page done, most probably for wordpress initially. Now I got the thing started, hope things fall to me nicely. Payment is via paypal so I might be able to get extra $6 off from paypal in the total bill. This is because I once had 2 Credit Cards verify to paypal, and that will cost me $3 per card. Much for security purposes, so having the bill sent to me, all I need to do is to key in the code number stated in the statement from Paypal. I will need to pay $62+ only! Hurray!

I will shout out the domain soon! Now, blogging for Cait. There's nice video to show!


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