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Friday, April 3

A fast post!

I got to make this a very short post before I go back to hospital to look after my wife.

First and foremost, thanks to Flying Dutchman, Glenn Ong and Vernetta Lopez for reading my sms yesterday morning as I sent a msg to Class95. Gained the supported from them after knowing that we had been in the hospital since Yas shift. FD also mentioned that if Caitlyne is born within their shift, they hoped to receive another msg from me. They also asked that if this is real! Because I did not put Caitlyne and wifey name in it. Signed off only with Boon.

As for today, I took out my phone and text them at 9.40am before their shift end! Telling them that it took 17 hours for Caitlyne to come out! And luckily, FD mentioned it and read out on national radio! Thanks to u guys! Wonderful!

The food is fabulous in TMC and thanks goodness I asked for companion meal. Terrific!

Oh yeah, inducing is really bad, so ask for Epi, do take care in future for the back. Do not wait until the last min to ask for Epi because the pain is unbearable. Wifey felt the pain even when on Epi and took 2 of it.

I must not forget this!

Thanks to my wonderful sweet coll who came down yesterday to visit us! Nor, Mar, Mag, WeiT, SM, Al, K, WanT, Char and Nezzi Poo Poo! Love the ang bao and gifts! You guys are so sweet and came down 1hr before knock off! Appreciated! Mag got bad feeling after telling her the whole incident. LOLz. Do read up the other blog as I been typing since last night. There are too many ppl who came down yesterday and I had no time to finish up. Long story with photos. (Photos will be up here real soon)

Coll with their nice ang baos...

WanT, Char and Nezzi Poopoo along with the precious moment gift! SO sweet!

Next, thanks to SY, Annab, Alf and Ga who came down yesterday too. Nice gift too! Thanks for coming!

Not to forget my wonderful sister and bro in law who brought parents there! Thanks you so much and very appreciate. BIL even brought her sis in! It is quite funny when Cait was crying and wanted to drink some milk until she said:"you want milk? I dun have leh. Juice I got a lot! You want or not?!" I simply can't help it by laughing that! Look like Cait love the hug from Sis and BIL too. She felt so comfy! Thanks for the gift too!

Last and not least, today Av came down with the same gift Birdnest given.! Chicken Essence are what everyone bought! So nice of you guys!

Later there will be some coming. Will keep an update!

My mom kept saying that gerger look like me 29 years ago! Skinny and small! Haha.. Today she is so nice and pretty. OMG, I missed her. Hee.. To be frank, she did not cry much even when she was born. The only long and loud cry (not consider loud due to she is too young), is when she poo poo.

Ok, long more to update in the other blog then this. As for now, too many photos to edit and upload using the TMC wireless network. So I will be very slow in updating the stuff.

Do stay tune.

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Fabbie said...

seriously its okai to get epi or not.. as my friend who didnt jab epi, her back also aching. But of cus ask wify to stay more on bed first. It would be better ba.

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