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Friday, March 6

The poison is too strong

The recent poison I had is not just camera as it went increase of 20%! This is due to Japan notes been appreciated, so no thanks for now. But hello to Darrel who is willing to lend me the lens. Great buddy.

Now is home theater system! Yes, I began to read more on that and of course, some of the stuff need to change but not for now. Most important is slowly upgrade to a better speaker. Wharf is really good entry model, but sure it is inexpensive to get. The next moment for upgrading will be my woofer! SVS PC12plus is a sure to get at $990, or rather PC12 at $500+.

Next will be center speaker and front speakers with good cables. Polk audio speaker to fail on us because of the cone. I replaced it with MS20 (music series) from my mom room. The wharf will only just remain as surround speaker. Typically to say that surround do not need require too much of focusing unless one is way too particular of the ambient sounding. Monitor Audio and B&W came into my mind but depending what sorta sound I am looking at.

I will be also be buying new amp mainly for music only, inexpensive and yet more then enough. Hooking up with MS20 speaker. So end up, I still need a real front speaker for my movie, which is linked up with Onkyo 606. A little pity that I did not get 706 because of the THX certified. Of course, by adding abit more to get 806 will be always better.

Poisoned badly for sure!

Had done up Lu photos and left the converting part and some touch up. I'm afraid I cannot deliver the photos to her by Sunday as her hubby will be flying off for work, hope they can understand.

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