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Friday, March 13

Once again... my wishlist

I know I should NOT even be thinking about buying things now due to Princess Cait willing be coming to this world soon. But forum is one place that I myself got so much addicted on. I had nothing to blog about these few days except for knowing some truth about both Glenn Ong and Jean Danker issue. But also some talk about Vernetta Lopez in MX along with GO and FD. So, does the standard really drop? Hell do I really care much, entertainer will be just entertainer... ok...that's what they had been doing for years.

Last but not least about some truth about Dr. Allan Ooi. Do read up some link regarding to the story from Wayangparty. It is really disgusted that how they wrote it in such a way. Here's another blog talking about our lovingly local press.


Great to have dankoo from Xtremeplace forum to initial the sharing of demo disc whereby all of us are able to test the wonderful system of our's. I went to collect the disc from him yesterday and tried it out with the system. GREAT! Everyone who gotten the disc will start to spread it around who wanted it. I also going to get some demo from AVS forum
Hoping to get it real soon. Oh yeah.... dankoo's Oppo DVD player (980) is awesome! The Red Cliff 2 images I seen is absolutely great! Near to blu ray output. Now I am so tempted to get Oppo dvd player... there's MO for DV-981HD and DV-983h which cost $279 and $580 respectively. Pity that due to financial, I shall wait longer later to get the blu ray player.

So... is my plan for now?


Tapco Blend 6


Tapco Ultra Compact Mix.60

Reason: So that I can control my volume from the mixer and able to use my headphone tho. Thanks to SGheadphones fellas...

I need to get either carane (shown above is Carane 4s11) or belden cables for my front left and right, intend to do bi-wiring for it.


Headunit! I had enough not having my iPod song not seen on display! I cannot tolerate having from one song to another in different folder! How can I play kids now and then later, dance? That will scare my baby off in car tho. Horrifying, right? Anyway Dicky told me that AVH-P6050DVD which come without 6 disc changer is about $800. If I am able to sell trade in or sell off my current head unit, I may just need to top up another $500 odd with iPod adapter. I intend to have front and reverse camera too.

Nice, right? Sigh*

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