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Wednesday, March 25

It is indeed lucky...

It is lucky that I took leave today to accompany wifey to see Dr Adrian today, because we end up most of our time in TMC instead. Something kinda happen to lil one but thanks to god, it end up with a laugh from everyone. Check out the full details in my the-ongies blog.

As we were going around IMM, something really attract me for keeping the things even neater.

Bought this container at IMM. Great for putting the remote control in the living room so that it will not look messy on the table.

Nice storage for my wifey to put her thing in it. At least to make the whole area cleaner and neater tho.


Oh yes, I forgotten to blog it down for last Sunday gathering. It was nice that everyone stayed back for dinner as my mom cooked the curry. It had been a long time since they really stay behind for dinner and indeed that I am glad to have this feeling. It seem like when I grow older, I began to love such gathering with relative even though we do not talk much. For the next gathering, it will be baby full month! Glad to see more people this time round. =)

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