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Sunday, March 29

Finally, the rain!

After few days of hot weather, it rain today! Great that I do not need to on the aircon today as the whole place seem to cool down by 50%. Tomorrow, I be bringing wifey to Dr Adrian for the check up before the day she going to give birth. In fact, now then I begin to feel anxious and excited. I always have such feeling after so many days that had actually happen. I admit I am weird.

At the same time, I also began to miss the Australia trip when I went for training but of course, looking forward to it. But sad to leave my baby girl behind.

Oh yes, when baby is out, most of the updating of blog will be on the other one then this. Of course, there will be constantly updates and uploading of photos in both facebook and blog.

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William said...

Wah... so fast ah. Caitlyn arriving tomorrow?

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