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Monday, February 16

Gout relapse

Since yesterday, I had been feeling swollen toe until today as I felt the pain in my toe joint. Yah, my bloody gout symptom relapse again after so many months. I dare not to play around with my diet anymore though I promised myself to get into some fitness. But for now, I must do it for my family. I cannot afford myself to fall into this situation.

Bought the Jin Zhen and cook it for drinking, hoping it will cure me. Tonight, my wife and me will go out for a short stroll from home to Gain City at CCK, then back again to fitness corner for some simple exercise. As my toe is hurting, I dare not to go jogging. Better to let it rest too. I must also watch my diet tho. Guess that duck meat is one of the main cause because I had been taking that recently.

It is no fun having aching pain in my toe joint. I am dead serious.

Wifey and me had been thinking if we should start our renovation over our new house after wife coll move off. It is quite inevitable for us to raise the sum of money for reno and the loan must come into the picture. Since it is overhauling, never cheap at all!

House is getting cramp now and parent still prefer their wooden seat, which is not comfortable at all. The only plus point for the seat is that, it never turn hot after seating for hours. But I can see my mom prefer to sit on the foam seat because it is pretty soft. If we can change to sofa, at least everything can go to new house in future. Anyway, we spend now for future tho.

It is weird that my mom still prefer her old amp. Just because she spent thousand over last time, but it is 10 years back! How much can it worth now? Even the technician also said that it worth very little now. My mom just cannot bear the amp tho and kept on saying she wanna keep in living room for her listen pleasure.

All system had been hooked up to my Onkyo 606, what she going to change? And the speaker of Polk Audio need to change it because the cone began to have some problem.


Finally our intern just came in the office! No idea why she do look a little like one of the HK actress. 蒙嘉慧 <YoyoMung>

Oh yeah... her name is Inez, yah, with same name! LOL

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