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Thursday, January 22

A wonderful studio shoot!

What can I say? The studio shoot is fun fun fun and yet... still fun! Despite me being very quiet initially, but we get along well after sometimes. I must learn how to let loose and network even more in future. It benefit well and good for everybody. I must not let the shoot be so boring, a little playful will make it fun as well.

The adapter I gotten was wrong and thank to Junjie from TiffStudio rush all the way down to Kallang and pass the correct adapter to me from Khatib. I am glad that I used the 100 by 100 softbox because it really made a lot of diff for output during the shoot. Now I should invest either a deep throat or a 100 by 100 softbox, the portalite that I'm having cannot project what I want.

I made a boo boo as well. Forgotten that Canon L lense 24-70 is different. I had my wide open at 24mm with the lense pushing out and kept thinking its at 70mm. I guessed that I had not wake up yet until after few shoot, I really realise the mistake! End up, having the 70mm on but my light is not strong enough. That's a bad point, but yet still acceptable from others.

Glad that the rest of the shoot on other actor and actress were great too. The light falls well and it look pretty fantastic. To be serious, I cannot wait to see the whole image!

Thanks to the studio I went to, great people there and lots of the wonderful jokingly casts. I am glad to be part of the project. That also allow me to network even more.

This is a wonderful project of a day, and most importantly that my wife was there to support me and she also felt great for me as well because she knew more friends too.

Apart from the aftermath of the shoot, I wanted to share something that Darrel had just gave me through MSN.

Enjoy the hardcore funny and idea  commercial!

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