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Sunday, January 25

Just stay happy and we be good! :p

I do not want to repeat the story, but to link up the other blog to here. Read up for the great smooth day for us. I had never ever been to a carpark that I did not need to find a lot because there's an empty lot in front me. And to be frank, there are no space at all. My mom was in the car with us today and had this incident twice! Great huh. Let's hope this girl girl of wifey and mine will bring luck and good fortune!

I finally bought a 1TB seagate hdd from Cybermind at Funan today. After calculating the ERP and carpark charges for me to drive from Funan to SLS, I might pay up extra $8 bucks, hence getting the stuff at Funan is way better. With cash payment and gotten 2% off from the hdd, I paid $160 only! I shall get the 750gb in few months later. The existing old hdd will be taken out and save up for my Popcorn Hour!

Currently I am formatting the whole HDD and I shall have all my media storage in this hdd! The rest of the drive in my computer will had to migrate to another local disk drive to ensure there's space in it, and that will take days to do it. I am thinking of adding fans to my PC to ensure the air flow too. Important to do that too!

This is the first time in my life getting myself a Lacoste shoe! I tried to keep away from Timberland shoe this time because I wanted a change. So we went to Peninsula Plaza and head in to the sport shop beside Gramophone, chose the adidas but felt uncomfortable after wearing it. My wifey went to Lacoute rack and asked me to wear it (which we saw earlier on before I started trying the shoe). I was surprised with the made! Though it felt not comfy because lack of cotton (using finger to feel the interior), unlike adidas, but it sure fit me well! I wore it and started walking. Without hesitation, I bought it. Color is in white. I shall take a photo later on to showcase it. A very different feel of me tho.

The lovely Lacoste shoe that I bought.

This is the first time in my life that I prefer such shoe. Apparently, the feeling is terrific! Great fitting as well.

After getting the shoe, we head to Robinson at Raffles City and met some irritating salesgal. Check my other blog to read.

While walking, both of us decided to get my dad a new wallet + belt form Goldion. Wifey thought that it will be nice to give a set from Goldion because... ok, what do you expect from my dad using Pierre Cardin etc..? It cost $80 after discount tho.

We felt like buying a bag for my mom too, so we head to LotOne but seem like she is not willing to let us splurge an expensive bag for her. But I can see from her eyes that she wanted Bonia a lot but cannot make up her mind tho. We shall drop by Jurong Point to check it out. Bonia is getting better due to good branding too.

Everyone gotten a nice stuff tho. Ops.. what about my dearie? Hmm... darn...

Wifey told me that giving umbrella is auspicious too! She was thinking weirdo today but felt that it is sensible enough. Quite idea tho. Her thinking: giving umbrella is like to block any bad weather and you will feel good under it; once umbrella is open, it also share lots of good things out, I called it 開支散葉. User will feel good luck too. :)

Stay happy and thats the keyword in life.

Also, I am glad to know quite a number of people from the last studio shoot. Hoping there's good returns tho as I gotten inquiry too! Finger cross!

Tomorrow after breakfast, I am going to spend time polishing the whole car as it must look good! Woot!

Oh yea, we bought firecrackers display too, hoping good luck and windfalls will come to us! HUAT AH everyone!

The small firecracker with golden ingot hanging outside our gate! Huat!

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