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Friday, August 1

Welcome to the NEW stuff!

Our lovingly Street Directory is back! The entire navigation is great as you just need to use hand icon on the map to move it! Almost similar to what did previously. It's great to see them back again tho. I last heard from the the forum mentioning that Street Directory sued people for using the map and end up got sued back by SLA. How funny life is this.

Anyway, apart from this news. SAF is now changing their new uniform to pixel pattern which is almost the same as U.S. Marine Corps. It is meant to let enemy hard to spot the soldier. I may love the U.S. Army/ M.C. uniform, but I am wondering why is Singapore Armed Forces 'copying' them? That made me wonder. I used to wonder if they can change to U.S. like uniform and now they going to do it! Good or bad? Happy or sad? Totally 'copying' the whole idea. Sharing the same uniform as what USMC are and the way they put the rank. For those who do not know, US Army/M.C. have their rank insignia on their chest of the uniform where the buttons are sewed on. I am sure to say that, luckily I had not sew any shit on my uniform yet! Woo! I be glad to wear that tho. Been thinking why SAF took so long to change and I am hoping that the uniform will be much comfortable! Now... how will the No.4 look in future?

This morning I am kind enough to fetch Sandy to work because today is the first day of ghost festival. Since we just moved here, it will be good for us to pray on the first and the last day of Hungry Ghost Festival. If not, on the 15th can be done as well. But I mentioned that we are new tenant here, so it is better to give some respect tho.

My wife and me woke up at 6.30am and end up falling back to sleep due to our tiredness. By the time we set off, it's already 7.50am! I thought we can have our breakfast together, so I drove to nearby and my wife got the yummy breakfast for me. Thanks dearie.

We went by SLE to CTE, exit to AMK where my office is located and by pass that to head up to Hougang before I can reach Sandy house at Kaki Bukit. But it is a WRONG choice. I should have had paid for the damn ERP to go by shorter route. The whole jam made me stuck for 30min! From way Defu Lane till before Comfort Driving Center! OMG! The moving of car are way too slow. It's due to 2 lanes meant for turning into MacPherson road that clog up the jam. Sign. I cannot believe that it is so disaster tho! I went to fetch my wife after work, the jam will start at Comfort Driving Center till Kaki Bukit! How funny that there's part 1 and 2 jamming location at different timing.

End up, I reached Sandy house at 9am. Luckily the driving towards Kovan is quite smooth, and after alighting my wife nearby her workplace, I quickly go off but never did I realised something! She forgotten to take her paper bag! That's her information for the office! OMG. I was at the traffic light and kept asking Sandy that if I can do a U-turn here. I kept having hesitation on wanting to do that turning till I did I better not. Demerit point plus fine is quite a big deal to me tho. So I head up and turn right, since the road is meant for right turning, go up front and luckily there's a U-turn hence I will do that and return to the same place. But sadly to say, luck isn't with me at all. The long jam plus waiting time is bad for me, I had no idea I am quite a cuckoo on road today!

After 10min doing the u-turn, it's already 9.28am, went back to the same place and saw that the position I was at earlier on allow me to do the U-turn! OMG! Sigh...

See the images if you do not know my meaning
By the time both Sandy and me got back to office is already 9.41am! That's bad.

Last time Sandy had to pass by our big boss office quietly because she is late but now, safe is the word because after entering the door, her seat is just there compared to me which I had to pass our big boss room. When I walked passed the room of his, phew... He had not come in yet because there's something to attend to.

Sandy got 2 big bags for our office praying and there will be first and last day.

While blogging this half way, everyone went for meeting.Luckily I had finished my breakfast. A total of 30min plus of meeting and follow by praying for 7th mth. Sandy, Keith and me went to find place for burning of incense. We thought of doing it behind since the space is quite big, but to our disappointment, BTH mgmt told the security guard to give us the small red burning bin where you can find in any household corridor. But BTH building had their own cage to burn the entire stuff! Looking at our amount of stuff to burn, it will sure overflow. The nice security guard help us to block 2 carpark lots for us to carry on doing our thing. Of course, initially one of the lot is where I parked my car and I shifted it to the sheltered area. I never knew that I need to register my car to the company so that the car lot can be reserved. On the paper, when the guard show me and ask which is mine, I saw my big boss, boss, manager, other department manager and my coll name were already in there. One of the car belong to big boss which stated Director (sheltered). Apparently only his, manager and other dept mgr noted 'to be purchase' which the column are meant to fill in their car plate number. I better email my boss about mine tho. LOL

When everyone came down after a call from Sandy, for those who are Chinese religion, we proceed to praying. I mentioned to them that this little bin will not be able to fill up what we are offering to 'them'. Hence it is better for us to burn the rest at the next building. Of course, telling 'them' to collect the rest of the spending money at the other side, if not it is not respectful to move the rest of the items without telling 'them'. When everything finished, lunch time! Again, I did not finish my blog at all.

The security guard even come chasing us for the bin that we borrowed from! Laughing heartily, I told him that the bin is hot now and we will return it after lunch, so do not worry about it. When all of us was about to go back to office, another security guard which belong to BTH Center ask Wanting if we can close the lid. She told him that we cannot close just like that because of respecting, only after everything finished burning, then we can close it. We will return back after lunch, which I did it earlier on.

The makan place is really from bad to worse. Today we went for lunch at shop n save food court, but the variety is super limited thus I again opt for chicken rice. 5 out of 6 voted out for that place. It is not marvelous that we will want to visit again. As what we had during meeting, our boss managed to get some information which is the area we can go for makan! Quite a few choices indeed, but some require traveling tho. We got to explore more of this place. Sigh....

Boy... I am glad that the listening of tribal house from DI.FM is back! Had no idea why there's silence these few days! Hurray and salute to TRIBAL SOUND!!!

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