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Tuesday, August 12

Felt offended thru msn nick

I am quite offended to see someone nick on MSN stating:" I hope joss burners get cancer too./ SOS. Save the trees, kill that SOB."

Do you ever understand what festival is this? I dare you to shout it out in front of all temple and see what will happen to you. Yes, burning of papers create smoke and therefore trees dying. Look at this way, this is custom. Do you ever understand that? If you don't, please shut your mouth off by cursing at people. Why don't you curse people who are dead and send for cremate? Isn't that link be it of any religion?

And, why are using stuff that made from trees? Please do not contradict yourself and be careful of what you are saying and doing. Where does all your make up come from? You can try to minimize but not cursing at people who are not doing the wrong stuff. Why you did not mention smokers?

I am literally offended by people who do not use their brain before they talk. Be nice and respect other religion! I personal felt that this girl had some problem on her mentality, I hope that I need not to entertain her in future related to photographing. Period to mindless people.

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William said...

Maybe those who said "joss burners get cancer" are those bitches and bastards who were molested by their priests in church when they were young?

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