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Saturday, July 26

Personal blogging

After blogging of the office, I should say something that's related to me now. Haha...

Since yesterday I knock off early, I decided to bring some food to my dearie workplace from home. She felt so happy and sweet that it had been a long time since we had such feeling after we got married. hee

A simple meal that bring some happiness to my wife. Hehe

My sweet wife felt so happy.

I was been snap shot for playing piano... :(

What????? Let me stare at you.

Trying to act as pianist

Blur fook of me

Trying to get HIGH with it.

Of course soon afterward, I went to Borders at Parkway Parade to get this book: "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom! Great novel and without hesitation, I got it right after that. I also wanted to read Dan Brown novel too! I read a bit at Times bookstore the day before and do not ask me why am I so on towards reading recently. Love the Photoshop CS books and novel too. I just wanted to brush up my English too. I shall find out more of the great writers name and buy some 2nd hand books from San Bookstore at Funan. When Inez said San, I thought it was SUN! I was been said... I am so foolish, cute... irritating.. LOL Anyway, thanks for letting me know, nest nest.

This is book that I bought:

This is another author: Mitch Albom, which I got hooked after reading "Tuesday with Morrie" and "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" It's a lovely story.

This book is placed under best selling over at Borders, PP.

After reading Da Vinvi Code by Dan Brown, it made me feel like reading more of his stuff! And yes, it made me wanted to read even more from now on! :)

And today after work, I went to MP to fetch my wife up and it was so crazy over Eunos road due to the jam. It is not CARS that cough up the jam but the numbers of stupid traffic light! The distance is way too short and the traffice went too fast which it create the jam! Stupidity ideas! Also, I was in the merging lane where I am stuck in the jam, I let one of the Toyota Pinic go first since he did not want to let me go ahead and for that, I was right behind him where another Toyota Wish came and squeeze in the merging even jamming! We were so tight to each other and my car almost kiss the car in front of me, but the bloody WISH did not let me go and insisted on squeezing through! Will you die for not been the first one and go so hard on other? Pls be more freaking considerate! Asshole of all!

Anyway, cut away the jam. I went to fetch my wife and even head up to view the studio unit. As usual, Kelvin is not free due to committment so both my wife and me head to the area to check it out. But the area can be nice but way too quiet and it will be quite crampy should I agree on the studio. I really need to view the place in it before I can nod on my head. At the same time, Daniel friend had another unit which the guy been chased by the landlord several times as Kelvin did not get him back, so I better do my job by offering some help. Finding photographing studio is not a piece of cake man.. headache.

Well, cut the headache part as I do not want to think so much. Both my wife and me went to Lot One and of course I went for great shoulder massage and as a result it was feeling so good till I almsot can't drive home! Hahaha It was so great and two thumbs up! Painful but yet comfortable and of course I felt so ticklish and sensitive on certain part of my back ! LOL I just can't help it. Oh yea, if I did not mentioned 30min of massage, the usual practice is 40min which is $35. Worth it and I guess I be sleeping comfortably tonight. Before heading for massaging, we went to Popular and again, I gotten Dan Brown novel: "Angels and Demons"! LOL... I just feel like reading, ok.

While I was havin massaging, my wife went for shopping and gotten our dinner! And that of course include the wonderful Magnum chocolate ice cream which cost $11! Exp but worth the money! GO BUY IT!

Fei Siong Bee Hoon with chicken meat and sausages for our dinner.

Yummy Magnum Ecudor Dark

Magnum box still in cold condition

The 3 ice creams taken out from the box

Love the Magnum Ice Cream!

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