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Wednesday, July 30

New Street Directory

Nothing else to blog recently as the office move had ended. I had also input the demoralise factor. Now all of us had to recce around the area for food as we can't be having our lunch at Sheng Siong everyday, right? As for now, we found another KPT (KoPi Tiam) just around the corner and the other one will be at Hougang Point which will take us 15min of walk. Good exercise tho.

Thanks to Inez this morning as she bought the plain white bread with one whole box of nutella! Woo... I shall put the photo later on since taking of photos is quite obvious to everyone now. Quite sickening tho.

Been reading the novel "Angel and Demons" recently and seriously speaking, I had been addict to it. I never thought that this book was first publish on the year 2000! It is way before Da Vinci Code. Coolios. Do not blame me for not knowing it! I am ignorant to author as I just started to enjoy reading novel. I quite like the starting of "Digital Fortress" and never did I knew that it had been published on 1998! Man.... I thought that's kinda new tho. I planned to get that novel after I finish the current one. Since when I begun to be so studious? Boy, I must say myself as an nerd? No.. that's just... trying to improve myself. LOL

Just read on MyCarForum regarding a girl who is 19 yr old met an accident with another boy in the car. Apparently, the guy was travelling at the speed of 60km/h along the road when he wanted to do corner but it led to fatal accident. As for that, the passenger side crashed with the signboard. The poor girl was in coma since then, gone through 7 hrs of operation before announcing the word which everyone often heard from the tv show:"Sorry..." Isn't that hurting? Everyone is pointing at the guy who caused the accident and had no guts to admit that it is his fault. The more he pushed away, the more guilt he had to face it. For a long skid mark, you say it's 60km/h? Do not try to snook the car owners here as everyone knew it is due to high speed.

The guy drove a Honda EG and the question is, who own the car? Does parent had to answer for his doing? Let's not pin point why is this girl doing outside with the guy in wee hours. She had a boyfriend and doing his NS. The rest of the story, you may want to surf the forum first as it provide the link of the deceased's good pal blog. There's a photo of the guy who caused the accident.

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