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Saturday, July 26

The first day at Ban Teck Han Center

What a Friday which seem to be like Saturday tho. Today we are supposed to report back to office at 1pm so that we can start to unpack some stuff asap but there's slight delay and some pissed mode happened.

Anyway, the weather for today is so good as if it is my first day to school, but it is not. Just first day to report to our new office location.

Before heading to office today, I sent my mom to grandma house since it is not so far as I can reach BTH by PIE and CTE. I got a shock of my life when I saw something happened while I was driving today heading towards PIE from Steven road! This is the 2nd time I ever saw the red lightning strike down! I had no idea where it strike to, but according to what I saw, it is either on the some sort of tower nearing to Caltex Petrol Kiosk or rather the trees. It was about to rain whereby the cloud were so dark as if it will be raining cats and dogs, but it does not happen as it is just small rain. heh.

Before heading to BTH, I went to Hougang Point to meet both Keith and Randy so I can send them to BTH together.

The carpark was quite full when I reached the place, so been another irritating basket, anyhow parking is of course invovled.

We took the lift up and just when we go out from the lift, OMG! There's no light! And also, there's partition building going on. So after coming out from the lift, we had to turn right and right again to go through one pushing door and that's when we see the long stretch of the so-called typical warehouse image. Grey doors widely opened for us to enter and woo... to my surprise for all of the renovation going on. It does look so much pleasing then the Riverwalk side. Cardboard papers and old carpet were laid over to let the workers walk on it without dirtying the new carpet.

All the CDs were placed one side and prepare to start working soon. We wanted to start working on doing the PC but it was not deliever yet due to... I do not know tho

As for that, we got to start doing the CDs first. At that period of time 3 gals were not around as they are having makan session. While doing the stuff halfway, I was feeling hungry as I realised that I did not have my lunch at all! So both Alex and me wanted to grab some food back but ending up eating at Sheng Siong! We saw May at the food court but should have had called her because both Alex and me got reprimanded for leaving the office without telling our boss. What if big boss this and that.. the usual same scolding that everyone will get. I did not hold any against because I already knew such things will happened when the time I walk to SS. Maybe due to me been so high flyer brought Alex down to shit drain because boss called his hp when we were just outside the office! :P Anyway, some gals ain't there when we started working! Ok, enough of disturbance complain because it's my fault. Hahaha...

Big boss mentioned something real silly. Do not place anything on top of the partition wall because it look messy. However after some nego for sometime, big boss said that if one's wanted to put something then all of us got to place it. That's lame of the lame. Been so cooperate for F? C'mom this is production company, why make it SO office like now? Headache.

Well, below are all the photos taken today. More photos will be up for tomorrow shooting and we had to reach BTH by 0930 since company is ordering Mac breakfast for audio department. Mgmt was pleased to see us working fast. Right....

The beautiful cosy edit suite where the editors will be working at. Don't you find it so cosy? Why is Audio so pathetic? sigh

Edit Suite area

Edit Suite area where EZ be working at.

So nice.. so warm....

Iva will be in this Edit Suite... so nice....

Thanks to May Lee standing there dunno for what!

What a big edit suite area compared to the past

Another view from the back of Edit Suite

Nice right? Thanks to Sandy hand again!!!

Daphne trying to snap me and I fire back at her! LOL (I just realised that I had not been using flash so much. LOL)

Along the passage way to Video first, then Audio.

Where the Admin side be sitting.

Paper G stated that it's our Big Boss room. He is in the middle of the whole company where he can look out for anyone. Sigh..

Here's our audio department. Infront of firing range, that's my area. Sigh

Another view of Audio Department from Big Boss view. My PC is literally so expose... damn it.

Happy unpacking...

Thats the big boss room again.

Left big boss room and right our department.

Low range... FIRE IN THE HOLE! lol

The loud speaker is not meant for music...

Fire alarm... whoever sit there... good luck.

Resting is important... so better rest more as later on , all will be very tired!

What's up with May Lee snapping me? And Mabel still VICTORY sign??? Joanne look steam... haha.. She is leaving us on 1st Aug as she mentioned that she is very tired of the job and wanted a new environment and job scope.

The mess outside the studio area.

The recording booth in the midst of building up.

Happy unpacking the whole area.

This is our pantry area.

A view from the CD areas to working desk

Finally there's a proper audio store room.

Another view of our audio storeroom. Going out from the door is where the CD shelves and working are is located.

Thinking of what to do since the PC are not there yet.

Talk, joke and laughing first.

What's up Randy??? Hahaha The 3 kids...

Randy is been isolated... LOL

Woo... the youngest to the younger to the young and the oldest! LOL

Guess whose behind? hahaha That's mean letter I is located Behind. LOL

Our big meeting room.

Another small meeting room.

Everyone started unpacking and putting the CDs to the shelves as quickly as possible, but some of it are not in alphabet orders tho.

Let's move on.. unpack unpack unpack!!!

Wanting made a mistake on packing previously so she had to spend time slowly unpacking.

The final position of the CDs been packed. The L shape mobile CD shelves been placed like that was my idea as it will not topple and save more space.

If not all of the rack will be in one line and over shoot to the passage way to pantry. Also, having that position allow both side of the wall shelves have amber space to the mobile rack where by the producers can slowly find the CDs.

Maybe as Randy mentioned, we can take Sheng Siong trolley back and take the CDs like vegetable on it and push to our working desk. LOL!!!

Look closely at Keith and Inez doing some stupid monkey face while Charlene been so BLUR! LOL

Everyone started shifting the CDs again as it is not logical to have the same genre on the same rack. This is due to one side will be inside where Inez is standing. So CDs that needed both rack will had to be on the same place where the producer is taking the CDs.

That's what I meant by having same genre of CDs on the same side of the position and not the same rack.

Goodbye for a day and will be back tomorrow.

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