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Wednesday, July 23

Blogging of photos... and I mean tonnes...

Let me blog a bit about the scenario happened this morning. In short, I do not know why some passenger on bus tend to ring the bell when the bus reach the destination. Today, when the bus no 190 arrive near the bus stop at Rendevous Hotel and at the point of time there's 2 more buses in right of him. Seeing that there's no one ring the bell to stop, the bus driver turn out and go ahead to other lane. But one woman was panic and faster pressed the bell to ask the bus driver to stop. During at that time, there's no way the bus can stop to let her alight because of her last min decision of pressing the bell! You cannot blame the bus driver for doing that because and anyway, there's one more 190 behind to fetch the ppl at that bus stop.


As for that, the woman felt so pissed and reprimand the bus driver about such scenario. The next bus stop is at Chjimes, so you can guess how far she got to walk back. Driver maybe wrong, but the passenger is in deep wrong to press the bell at the very last min. Anyway the woman in the pic isn't the one who make some noise. Just to show my report like newspaper. :p

Now, let's get back to office blogging now.

IF you had not seen the IFP Chinatown photos before, maybe you can consider by clicking onto the photo which you be prompt to flickr for the entire stuff.

IFP Pagoda Office 001.jpg

Here's one of the photo I did on Pano using my K750i handphone.

And this is what I call cam whoring myself. LOL

Hello there.... Just a boring shot of myself. LOL

Seriously I had no idea why I did that for.

My 3x3x3 Rubix cube

Sly look... see the guy on headphone?

Myself and my Rubix

The 2 books that I bought for my dearie to study.
It is a very good book which you can learn more from basic. I am aiming another book for studying even more. Maybe Scott Kelbey and one more which is much detail on layering stuff.

My wife is clever to photocopy the front page and paste it on the paper that had been wrapped up to prevent dirt on the expensive book that I bought for her.

Ok, let's move to office photos which I had just taken earlier on today. We had a lot of fun taking together. Who cares whether we are cam whoring or what, the main things are fun and memorable. You miss out if you do not take it. Daphn is one my side, which you can see the almost similar posing of me and the girl at different photo. LOL

Today, we started packing the stuff around 4pm and luckily I can end up by 6pm, much with so much relaxation. I shall not talk about my client side because I had enough with their stupid nonsense by changing the program for 2 times. That's irritating enough.

Starting to pack up my table stuff as the next day our table got to dissemble.

Both Keith and mine cables below our tables. How untidy right? In a way, it is consider to be the neatest among all.

Mr R aka Randy trying to pose his blur face on the camera. Blur or wanna slap him feeling? I leave it to you. LOL

The below are more of toilet fetish. The reason is very simple, we are love to shit. LOL. I mean we often visit there to clear away and the bad thing about this office toilet is due to: TOO QUIET! Whatever what you do, the sound can be heard from the girls loo. That's how embarrassing. And also, it is so conceal that there's no additional sound to cover your firing moment! I am not disgusting but this is very true. Do you dare to do it loud in a quiet zone? Hell no! Luckily for the new place, the toilet is located outside and of course, outside noise can be heard. Oh... I think that my manager do not know that the suction of bad smell can be turn on! Sigh... If not everyone need not to smell each other business... :p

Here's our toilet fetish! Hahaha

The usual toilet I often visit... use.... and love it. LOL Without it, we are doom shit.

As our company planned to move, they decided not to repair it. It is still usable tho, just that the flushing will not stop. This is Keith's favourite cubicle but due to out of order...we had to fight the one and only cubicle now.. How hilarious...

Showing you our urinal station. LOL. I am just getting more and more boring and crazy taking photos in the toilet.

Smelly, of course! Keith is doing his business at that very moment!!!! Luckily I can't smell it tho.

Me and the urinal.... erm.. whats up with me tho...

Randy trying to vain himself infront of the mirror and there he is... trying to pose.

Goodbye... LOL

Posing in the toilet. Does not look like it, right? Geez.. like MTV man... Oh dear....

Yo yo yo... What's up man...

Keith feeling SO shiok after making some business. LOL

Usable versus not in use.

Stupid Randy took a pic of me .... fat me!

Oh my... that's smelly as Keith is doing his darn business!!!!

Ok, this is the best part directed by Keith. He wanted to show in photo that what happen that someone is using the toilet when he is in real URGENT!!!!!!!

End up... there's no way he can use because of the notice. DO NOT USE. Mind that the cubicle is really not in use and the notice been up for months. We did not deliberately created that for fun. LOL

Another idea by us. Peeping tom... Sorry.. Peeping Randy! Hahaha.. Ain't we all getting more and more crazy for each photos taken?

Threesome... Sorry.. 3 guys cam whoring... haha... Yah... VAIN is the word.

Cam whoring for the sake of... what? I am no idea... it all about fun! hehe

See no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil.

See no evil. Speak no evil. Hear no evil.
Me: Open eyes big big.
Keith: He seem enjoying!

Act sey of Randy... :p Just another Keith....

While talking about Matrix, both of them shown their Eagle Kungfu. LOL. Click to see Keith expression! LOL

Just another.... no comment crazy shot

Talk between the BERLIN WALL. (IFP Wall)

Am I seeing.. IFP Internal Affair?

Trying to laze while the rest working.
He is enjoying his lipton which is bought from Subway at Funan.

Smiley Wanting... Yucks.. only head.

Crazy Wanting... Ekk.. Head again. Wahaha

Chao AH Long! Hahaha If there's paint... that look more like it

Our working area: Mine and Keith's.

Look at our view to the CBD area? Beauty right? Good bye to that and hello to... Cough.. AMK HDB... F.

My drawer been packed 1/2 way.

Be clever, use shoe box to keep the stuff.

Dismantle of equipment leaving the cables... headache enough..

Pack pack pack!!! Been told not to pack the PC as boss will ask why all of us doing nothing.. But I just carry on doing it so that I can with the rest. I ended up with backache... sigh...

No comments.... What e F is he doing.

Seem like the molestor in the office been.. Cough. ask to leave. LOL. Just meant to be a mean joke. :p In real scenario, it does look like all of us had been retrench... and office had no money ended up selling the carpet...

Keith's table. Messy? Finally he can clean his dan table!

Rojak airline team (Left) versus SQ Team (Right)

Wanting with her elephant....

Behind the back of Wanting. with part of her stuff packed...

Signature pose of Wanting.

What the hell is this fooker trying to do? Peter from Heroes?

Eventually while people were packing, he spray his damn perfume which POLLUTED the whole department..

As a result, I got choked by his cock perfume.

Erm.. convict.. period. He look old tho.. hmm

He is shameless Alex. :p

Packed up of our stuff and fully protected by bubble wrap.

Look brand new?? Le long le long!

Protection of the screen is needed for sure.

Erm.. whats that Inez aka Eye Nest aka Yan Jing Wo aka Wowo trying to peep?

Shit..... I dun even want to comment on Keith... Kidding la...

I had no idea why she laugh so happily for.

While all of us busy packing... she sat there quietly cutting her idols out from Billboard magazine..

Winner of all...

Alex and his.. erm.. piracy, copied cat fake macboot super air. Whahahaha

There will be more photos tomorrow taken and I'll be uploading it after I get back home since we going home pretty early. Desk will dissemble at 10.30am and after supervising, we be heading out for coffee cum meeting at Riciotti before we can go home. Apparently, it will be halfway tho. And Friday, we be reporting to AMK at 1.30pm. I guessed that I be there around 11.30am to setup mine and some of the rest computer. After double checking of the stuff, we can proceed to pack the CDs if timing allow. At least there's no need to rush on Saturday fearing that we might come back on Sunday. I do not mind tho and It's fine anyway since my wife knock off at 2pm and I be sending her to work at 8.30am.LOL. But I cannot stay too long this Saturday as there's dinner at Punggol to attend for temple.

Lovely, I be viewing the studio this Friday night and hoping that the space is nice for studio shoot.

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