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Wednesday, June 4

Scratched my car....

It is so weird that I posted something in forum telling the people my car been scratched by cat and the rest either do not believe (nvm), but some just only say oh well, its just an animal who is homeless and need the shelter. Why been such a whiner over these?

Personally I do not hold against animal because they are cute, but when my car got scratched and its quite bad, how can one still been so happy that their car been scratched? Isn't that insane? Even though my ride is 2nd hand, but the condition of the car still look so good and having such incident happened, I do not think I can smile at it.

If those people who said me having scratched, live with it and close eyes etc, I shall see if they can smile when it's their turn to get scratched! I am not been evil or what, but a taste of medicine! I am a neat, tidy and clean freak so you cannot say I choose not bother. This is due to my personal. Some people can let their cars be so dirty while some do not. Why? Personal liking!

This is all because I left my car on level 1 at MSCP for 2 days! Till yesterday I found paw prints all over the bonnet and windscreen. I thought it was someone who disturb it but to my understanding it is not! It is the cat tho! The dirt can be clean off so I chose not to bother but scratches involved! I am so god damn pissed because the new ride and we just clean the car!

My understanding will be the bonnet is slippery because of quick detailer and that might cause the cat to fall and use it's claw to stand still. Next there's paint drop at the edge of my bonnet in front, the paint drop is ok but I can see the metal base! The scratch is about 1cm long and it might due to the cat wanted to climb or jump off and because of slippery, it attempt to cause the paint to drop. Hairline is ok but not that deep cut! It hurt me deeply! I should have take down the photos before I ask the indian man to wash my car last night. I was so pissed till I do not want to wash it off. Handed over $5 to the guy, I get my car clean once again but that cannot cure the marks on my bonnet. Live with it? I had to live with it but the scratches is damn pissing me off... having that to pray off will cost me $240! Insane! SIGH is the word!!!!

Please, after reading this posting, I hereby need to declare that I am no cat killer due to this incident cause!

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