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Friday, May 16

Kinda wasted trip but still alright.

Again, Randy gave another nice online game to whack! Click on here! and here!

I am supposed to help out my pal for some event today, but due to some changes, the idea of having the sound system and DJ had been wiped off. As my pal did not gave me exact answer yesterday, I had to drive to work today. This time, I place $17 worth of coupon at my dashboard! There's not enough room to place and I had to place it in 2 rows! Look like I should take the photo down later on. LOL.

A bit pity that the DJ idea did not went well, so quite a waste trip tho. And due to such situation (some cock up issue yesterday), the meeting for yesterday had been postphone. Look like everyone is real busy and tentatively is on Wednesday, but as I had to go back to Maju camp for RT session, again we had to re schedule! LOL

Time is now 5.37pm, prepare to pack up and go! I wanna change my tire... :(

Going to ECP and fetch my wife later on. Another $0.50 cost. Early this morning, I thought I can get away from PIE ERP due to heavy traffic. My wife been a little nuisance asking what if someone past 8.59am ERP? Must be god damn fed up and vomit blood! End upm when I traveled to PIE and nearing to that hell ERP, I got in at 8.59am!!! OMFG! That's... ultimate... lucky huh!!!

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