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Thursday, May 15

Car servicing, long waiting time & what a DAY!

Great Amsoil Engine Oil! Using 0-20w currently and I can feel the difference immediately. It is much silence, stable, easier to control then the previous E.O. Suspect it could be Fasflo the previous owner is using. My appointment was made at 9.30am and both of us reached Tan Chong - Bukit Timah at 9.15am! It was raining heavily during that time tho. (How I wish I can sleep a while longer).

The friendly people there guide me through the bay (it was my first time there so I am totally lost). Along the stretch of sheltered pathway, on my right was the entire workshop where all the cars were at for their servicing. When I stopped right in front, another guy who came by and told me that my servicing should be 30K because the last servicing is 25K. I told the guy that I thought it's 40K since my mileage is quite high now. haha. Both my wife and me also told him that we just took over the car only and the guy told me jot down my address so that he can amend it later. I also informed him that I be using my own engine oil and there's no issue about some warranty problem. He told me that my package will be A which is $180! I thought I got to do package C with engine refresh! haha.. I saved a lot! So, having my own engine oil, he will deduct off and the cost will be $90 plus! Coolios!

Apart from that, I also said that my window can't auto go up after I let it down. As simple, he show me how to solve the problem just by pressing the auto button down when the window winded down and carry on to press down for 3sec. This goes again when the window was winded up. It works! Phew! Haha

After passing the key, my wife and me head to King Albert Park Macdonald for our lovely breakfast! It was still raining and everywhere is flooding. LOL. When we passed by the car collection room, there's showcase of Nissan rims. Look nice enough for me but I shall save up for Works Wheel rim and Hankook tires.

Lovely breakfast at Mac as we had the new meal which had been just implement. Ok, I forgotten to take a shot of it as I am god damn hungry! The letter M is cool! The bread is actually hot cake ingredient and it had been mixed by maple syrup! It tasted god damn awesome!

Soon after that, we head to Bukit Panjang Plaza for our haircut at Jean Yip. Just before we wanted to cut, I received a SMS from TCM informing me that the car is ready for collection! haha.. Barely just 2 hrs! We still went ahead for our hair cut first before heading back to Bukit Timah for car collection. I guess I will want to color my hair this Saturday since we had already paid for the package! LOL

After when we are done, it was 12pm plus and we head up to TCM-BT quickly but the bus no 970 waiting time is god damn long. When we alight, both of us realise that we meet to go further up for another bus stop! Anyway, walking made us feel better and treated that as morning exercise! We did not head for car collection immediately but to lounge first! Haha.. We had our coffee break with cakes before we went and collect the car. Apparently I received the sms telling me the cost was $118. I kept thinking why was there extra $20 involved. When we received the invoice, one of the labour cost was chargeable due to my rotate and balancing of tires. And the rest like air con, bracket, shaft were at No Charge due to warranty period! *Phew*

Service is pretty quick, waiting time was about 10min and someone had drove the car to the delivery bay after we had paid up,

After checking, everything is intact and great! Feel so comfortable driving it. I can feel the different straightaway when I accelerate!

Quickly, we head up to grandma house because she had medical appointment at SGH around 4.30pm. But all of us thought that by heading there earlier, we might be able to go home earlier but wrong! Luckily my wife went with my mom and uncle because they had no idea where and how to access to the clinic block. Ok, we alight at A&E and I quickly drove off to park the car.

Who knows, though we reach at 3.30pm, the doctor only start at 4pm even though he is around. So we went up for some meal and head up to clinic and wait. Waiting is ultra long and most of the people had went off! One of the patient took nearly 1hr in the room! When it was our turn to go in, the doc ain't around!!! God damn pissed! Grandma was in foul mood because of sitting on wheelchair made her butt pain. Yah, we went off at 7pm! Puiz.

After sending grandma home and all of us were resting before we head home. Halfway, we decided to go to Cheese Prata nearby NUS. Been there for straight 2 days and having same food! My mom does enjoy the maggie goreng, prata and nasi chicken pattaya! LoL. Yummy is the word after a hard day had passed. I really want to earn more money so that we can have our baby! Hmmm...

Drove to work today due to some meeting during evening time in town and after that, I will head up to MP to fetch my wife. That's one reason why I drove, not because I am rich. I had to move my car down to public carpark during lunch time because that could save me $2.50 as it will be $0.50 half hr after 5pm, comparing to $1/ half hr. LOL.

ERP at BKE is $0.50, ERP at PIE is $1.50 and ERP near MOM is $2. God damn it! Look like the new workplace need not to pay there ANYMORE! Hurray. :p Wondering what will happen if I don't pay for season parking at new workplace.

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