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Wednesday, April 9

Needless to say anything... I do not want to say so much... you may come to this Forum and see what's going on to my computer.

Really wonder what cause the big issue... idiotic.

Just only, Singtel finally called me up regarding to the MIO TV issue... finally the girl is contacting the people to Com center and now they are trying to rush the approval. At least I know what's going on then the rest of CSO who push me here and there.... I really appreciate... at least now the lady can hold the deduction for my $150 extra charges this month. Because it is auto charge to my ST-UOB card. Once approval, great. For now, I had to see what will it be like.. She assured me that it is under control. Hence, it might reflect this month when approved. No matter what, I will get my $150 credit off.. Just had to wait for the bill to reflect... I do not care what's going on so long she did a fine job for me. I can't remember so much tho... Just freaking busy.....

I going to upload the music selection I did for SAA. You be hearing from my blog soon... currently it is uploading now. Great imeen!

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